From August 1st through August 30th, Bangor's Community Connector bus service will adjust its service to the Old Town Route.

According to the information found on the website, due to some planned road construction projects in the Old Town area, the bus will be skipping certain areas and making detours around others.

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Community Connector
Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media

As far as Outbound service to that area goes, the post says the Connector will not be performing a run from the Penobscot Valley Dermatology Office. There will also be a slight delay.

"After Veazie Village, the detour results in a 10-minute adjustment to the route timetable."

This 10-minute delay will also pertain to the Inbound service. The Community Connector will not be running an Inbound service to the Town of Veazie, nor the Riverview Apartments in Bangor--only an outbound one. image image

"Penobscot Valley Dermatology stop by request Inbound. Town of Veazie riders will be allowed to ride back to Veazie on one fare. Buses leaving Old Town Plaza at 5:15 & 6:15 PM will service Town of Veazie by request."

For a map and timetable of exactly where and when these changes will take place, you can access a detour flyer by clicking here.

These are just the latest in a number of changes to hit the Community Connector. In fact, the City of Bangor had an open comment period for citizens to voice their opinions on some of the changes. That came to an end on July 20th.

If you have questions or comments about the Community Connector Service, you can email them to or call (207) 974-3111.

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