It looks like a change is coming to the way passengers will board the Community Connector buses.

Now you wave the driver down, and he or she stops the bus, and you board.

But that might soon be ending.

If you have thoughts about that, now is the time to gather those thoughts and get them submitted.

Public transportation in the area is planning a change to a fixed stop system, instead of riders waving anywhere along the route.

Henry Mandel/Townsquare Media
Henry Mandel/Townsquare Media

The new plans will not change the existing routes, just how boarding the buses will take place in the future. Specific locations for each route have been identified based on popularity, infrastructure and optimum distances between stops.

Community Connector’s Bus Stop Designation project is in the process of gathering public comments and has held public meetings to discuss its plans.

If you have not attended a meeting to submit your thoughts, and you would like to "have a say" in the future, you can email your thoughts about the proposed change by emailing or by calling (207) 974-3111. The deadline to submit comments is July 20, 2022.

Here is a link to the proposed stops along the routes.

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