The finale episode of Netflix's reality hit Love is Blind was released Thursday and if you were like me you watched it as soon as possible to find out what happened and to avoid spoilers!

I don't typically watch these dating reality shows but once I learned there was a Mainer on the show I had to tune in!

The basic premise of the show is complete strangers are placed in a whirlwind situation to find out if love truly is blind. The strangers all "meet" each other in separate "pods" where they can only talk to each other, not touch or see each other. Within days they're challenged to not only fall in love with someone but to propose.

Once a couple is engaged they meet the next day and are then whisked away to a vacation in Mexico to see how they do once the potential for a physical relationship enters the mix.

If the couple can stay together they then move into an apartment together. They get their phones back, meet friends and family, and see if they can survive being together in the "real world".

Next, the wedding day. Oh, and did I mention this all happens in like, six weeks? In the end, the couple walks down the aisle and either say, "I do", or "I don't."

Cameron and Lauren were the first to get engaged and quickly became fan favorites, but did they stay together and get married?










The big wedding day came. Of the remaining 5 couples, only one said "I do" leading up to Cameron and Lauren's nuptials. Lauren said throughout the series and spoke in the episode how, based on looks alone, she likely wouldn't have gone after Cameron as she had never been in an interracial relationship before but was so grateful for the show for bringing them together. As she was getting ready she was excited and, like most brides, experienced some hesitations.

When she began down the aisle Cameron was visibly shaken. No, really. He was shaking and tearful. He had the reaction that ANY woman would dream of having when she walks toward her man on her wedding day. (Honestly, it even warmed my cold heart!)

The moment came. There were dramatic pauses that any cheesy reality show would have. Cameron delivered sweet vows and Lauren followed. Cameron said "I do" and then...


We'll get the full scoop on where they are now NEXT Thursday, March 5th when the reunion special goes live on Netflix.

In the meantime, the happy couple did an interview with Entertainment Tonight.


Now that the secret is out Cameron is loud and proud about the relationship with his new wife.

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The happiest day of my life.

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While nothing is confirmed there is speculation of a spin-off Netflix series focused on Cameron and Lauren's relationship. At the very least, THE FANS WANT IT according to They were arguably the most relatable and loving couple on the show and the interracial aspect certainly adds another layer of interest. Not gonna lie, I'd watch it!

Did you watch the show? What did you think? Let us know and message us on the app!

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