I'm kind of a weird guy. I know, that sort of goes without mentioning, but I only sort of believe in UFO's. I guess I always figured that if alien technology existed that would bring alien life near to where we are, that we would have more concrete proof. Like with Bigfoot. Are they actually magical? Is that why we never see them? We already see a record number of ghosts, so.....

The thing is... LOTS of people see Bigfoot. And UFO's for that matter. Now I said before I only sort of believe. But, I have had a personal experience just the same. I was travelling back to Portland from Springvale, Maine, and I saw a light above the car, just in front of me. But you know, up in the sky.

At first I thought it was just a reflection of something off the dash or whatnot, but then it made a zig when I made a zag. And it just didn't seem right. Then it shot forward farther ahead of me, then turned or maybe even just stopped, and then zipped off out of sight in the other direction. I was extremely confused.

Was it a UFO? Maybe. I have no proof that it was or it wasn't. But here's the thing, Maine is one of the hottest spots for UFO activity in all of the United States. According to the BDN, per capita, Maine is in the Top 5 for UFO sightings. Sure, maybe some urban centers 'technically' get a few more than us, but our state barely has a million people living in it.

So who's seeing them all? Well, apparently people love to walk their dog, and people who love to stand outside and smoke. What they're smoking could be up for debate, but still.... these two subgroups alone makes up 40% of all sightings in our state.

And the numbers are going up. Especially during COVID lockdown. Nobody really had much better to do this year than stand around outside and look up. But for instance, in 2018 there were 26 sightings in Maine. In 2019, that number rose to 56. And them jumped again in 2020 to 71.

What will happen in 2021? Who knows. But with trends being what they are, it would seem the number is going to rise. And it's not about whether they're real or not, this is just strictly the number of sightings. Which brings us full circle... Are they real? We'll see. 2021 has already seen it's share of 'hold-my-beer' moments.

Will first contact be next?

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