Gives me a bit of the rum horrors remembering a few years ago when it snowed on Halloween. Don't remember? It was back in 2014 and Bangor got 6 inches and some places in Maine got as much as 20 inches.

Still I think I'd take that over the wind storm or Bombogenesis, as the weather people kept on referring to it, we got last year. That said, have no fear for your own garden any time soon these folks are at the top of Mount Washington. And I confess when I saw their Facebook post two things that took my attention 1) this is late for them and 2) they were excited ... in a good way.

Rumor has it and you can see by the video below that it is true, they saw a little snow in VT as well. And I can tell you while I was out on my walk this morning there was a bite in the air that says buckle up cause we're goin' in!

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