National Ugly Sweater Day is tomorrow.  I’m in.  You’ll see. And without waiting until tomorrow.

The day is celebrated, or maybe it should be said, observed on the third Friday of December.

But it wasn’t always a ‘thing’.

Ugly sweaters especially Christmas oriented ugly sweaters appeared in Clark Griswold movies back in the day.

And around that time, people did wear ugly sweaters, but let us assume it wasn’t on purpose. It was the fashion of the day, back in the day. You’ll see what I mean if you scroll through all the upcoming photos. You know what they say. Leave the best ‘til last.

The movement to observe a day for Ugly Sweaters might have begun in the early 2000’s, when in Vancouver Canada a party was thrown to raise money for someone’s cancer treatments. The claim is that this was the first Ugly Sweater Party.

So if you are attending a party, or just celebrating because why not, let us take a look at some sweaters.

We asked listeners in Eastern Maine to submit photos and we thank all for doing that.

Take a look, but before you do, you’ve heard of NSFW.  Not Suitable for Work. Well this is certainly G rated, but maybe if someone were to just glance quickly without really knowing what they’re seeing, they might not think so.

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