It's nice when Mainers catch National attention for positive reasons. And I'd say it's equally nice when that Mainer is a cop.

Bangor's own Detective Lieutenant Tim Cotton, who has worked for the Bangor PD for years, and runs the department's now infamous Facebook page, recently published a book called "The Detective in the Dooryard: Reflections of a Maine Cop".

A copy of this book was sent to TV host, Mike Rowe, of the Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs"--and he liked it so much, he took the time to read some excerpts to his Facebook followers this week. It seems Rowe has actually become a bit of a fan of Cotton's humorous style of writing, and has even mentioned the "Got Warrants" segment Cotton pens on BPD's page.

Aside from being a really great nod to a really great local man, who also happens to be a really great writer and cop, one of the coolest things about Rowe's video is how he reads Cotton's written word. You see Rowe has a fabulous voice (he actually studied opera at one point in his life) and due to his down to Earth personality and fantastic pipes, his delivery is spot on. He encapsulates Cotton's sense of humor with his simplistic style. It's kind of a match made in Heaven, if you ask me.

If Cotton needs someone to do the audio-book version of "The Detective in the Dooryard", I think he's found his man. But you can be the judge. Check it out!

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