The debut album that took the rock community by storm was released on July 21st, 1987, and at the time we were on the air playing Air Supply, Kenny Rogers and Lionel Richie.  Thank God for Guns N' Roses, because we needed some relief!

Appetite For Destruction brought us fabulous songs that have withstood the test of time, stuff like Welcome To The Jungle, Paradise City, and of course Sweet Child Of Mine!  It's style and sound effected just about everyone in the music business and beyond.

If you were kicking around listening to the radio, or, watching MTV back in 1987, we're sure that you have some great memories of the album as well.  Feel free to talk among yourselves.

Like we said in the video above, check out Guns N' Roses as they performed at New York City's Apollo Theater recently.  The band is even better now then they were back then!





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