Mother’s Day is this Sunday. In a recent survey, nearly nine in 10 of us will do something nice for our biological mom. However, the rest of this poll might surprise you.

According to Ipsos, their respondents gave a hearty "Yeah, Mom!" and lackluster "Eh, stepmom."  Now, granted, this poll was done by our neighbors to the north but are we really that different?

About half of those surveyed said they would be very- to somewhat-likely to get stepmom a gift or take her to dinner. For the other half, it was a resounding "Oh I don’t think so!"

What is that about?  Cinderella syndrome or what?  We get it, relationships can be tricky and sometimes when a new woman enters the family picture before your mom's official part is done, it can be downright awful.  So what do you think?

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