There have been ten reported Maine sightings since The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has been keeping track, including one in Penobscot County and one in Hancock County.

Jean Williams reported a sighting in Penobscot County that happened in the summer of 1973 in the southbound lane of Interstate 95 just north of Bangor.  Here's what Jean had to say:

" I observed a large, hairy creature, either dark brown or black, striding swiftly across the southbound lanes from the treed median to the woods on the right side of the road. The creature walked smoothly and stood very erect. At first I thought it was a gorilla, then immediately realized that didn't make any sense; but it had too long arms for a bear, and didn't stand or move like one. At that time I was utterly perplexed and could find no rational explanation for what I had seen. I did not hear of Bigfoot until several years later when some photos were televised and I realized that this looked like what I had seen. I did stop the car and attempt to look across the low traffic barrier and into the woods where the being had gone, but could see no trace of it."

The 1997 sighting in Hancock County happened on Route 46, otherwise known as the Duck Cove Road by Bucksport.  It was reported by two sisters driving to school one morning.  Here is what the anonymous witness said about the incident:

"my sister and i were driving to school one morning a few years ago and straight up ahead we both saw something standing there in the road on two feet for sure, staring at us approaching. As we approached we could tell that the creature was about the size of a human, was covered with very dark, shaggy hair, and it was sorta hunched over with it's arms hanging down quite far. it just stood there about a foot ot two into the road watching us and then almost as quickly as it had happened, it vanished into the trees.

when we drove by i looked into the forest to see if i saw anything, but couldn't see anything. we went to school and told a few friends and then told out parents later that night. we didn't think to call the police or anything at the time, although i wish we had.

when we tell people they never believe us because most people don't believe in "bigfoot". i'm glad that this sight is here so that someone might finally believe us. i know what we saw was real and i know that it wasn't a bear. bears are not shapped like humans and very rarley walk around on two feet."

Could these be true, are bigfoot creatures really roaming the Pine Tree State?

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