Let's be honest, snow sucks, especially in Maine. It is heavy, never-ending, wet, slippery. and cold. Shoveling is also very annoying, but you have to do it. I discovered that in some states their are laws that require you to do specific things to your snow.

We are expecting snow today and will have many storms I am sure so I wanted to see what the deal was with sidewalks and driveway maintenance in Maine.

I was curious to see if you are legally required remove your snow from your sidewalk/driveway and what I found was interesting. You do not have to shovel your sidewalk or driveway however, if you do, you are not allowed to place the snow on a sidewalk.

So its okay do not shovel but it's not going to put snow on an area that it didn't naturally fall to.  This is according to The Maine Legislature, they say,

There are no state statutes that require property owners to remove snow from sidewalks; however, towns and cities might have local ordinances that require it (30-A MRS §3009(A))

29-A MRS §2396 prohibits a person from placing snow on a public way that has not accumulated there naturally.

It can be hectic and hard to keep with the do's and don'ts of snow here in Maine because we're all busy shoveling or complaining about it. But I got you. If you are curious to know what the snow laws are, I am your girl.

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