On January 31st Hill’s Pet Nutrition made a voluntary recalling of their select canned dog food products due to potentially elevated levels of vitamin D. In a company brief the company warned that although Vitamin D is a valuable nutrient for dogs in too high amounts the vitamins effect can be quite the opposite. Some of the indications that your dog may have been exposed to excessive vitamin d are:

  • vomiting
  • loss of appetite
  • increased thirst
  • increased urination
  • excessive drooling
  • weight loss.

The manufacturer encourages any pet owners whose dog are exhibiting these symptoms to contact their vet. Vitamin D, when consumed at very high levels, can lead to serious health issues in dogs including renal dysfunction.  In most cases, complete recovery is expected after discontinuation of feeding.

In the United States, the affected canned dog foods were distributed through retail pet stores and veterinary clinics nationwide. No dry foods, cat foods, or treats are affected.

If you believe that you may have purchased tainted product and you have any questions you can contact Hill via their webpage or at 1-800-445-5777.   This recall is on their canned food only. If you do find that you have purchased any of the food in question discontinue feeding immediately and return to retailer for refund.

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