A while back, I wrote and article about how a lot of city's wastewater repair budgets were going down the drain because people kept wailing "flushable" wipes down the toilet, and they were clogging up the works, and burning out the motors. Well now, some towns could be facing a similar problem.

I haven't seen it circulating on social media here, but in California, they're having a huge problem with folks flushing disinfecting wipes and paper towels. Neither of which were ever intended to go in the sewer. They don't break down in the wastewater process at all, and instead clog the machines that are supposed to filter water.

The only proper way to dispose of these items, is to throw them away. Right in the trash. For that matter, it's not even just wastewater plants that need to worry. In most cases, if you start shoving paper towels or wipes down the toilet, you could cause a massive backup in your own plumbing, which could be extremely costly.

I'm always sort of mind-blown at what people thing is ok to send down the drain. Don't even get me started about garbage disposables. So just wipe down whatever needs a wipin', and chuck that puppy right in the trash. You might help save your town, or yourself, a boatload of money.

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