We normally don't post about things on our off hours, because no one really needs to know what we're up to then. However, yesterday's hike was so peaceful, we thought we'd let you in on a little secret.

The Schoodic Point section of Acadia National Park is a wonder, and no one is there.

We began our little hike by stopping into the Schoodic Woods Campground ranger station within Acadia yesterday, just more or less to check things out and get a map.  One thing that Maine residents should be aware of now is an Acadia National Park visitors pass is also required within the Schoodic Point section of Acadia, something that either wasn't strictly enforced or not needed when passes were initially offered.  We had ours and proudly told the ranger that it was hanging from the rear view mirror of the truck.

We hiked the Lower Harbor Trail, which was relatively easy and with some great views of Winter Harbor. It took about an hour or so, and the only living beings we met along the way was a woman walking her dog.

The trail winds through the woods down to the water, just watch your step when walking over the tree roots and rocks. It's a really nice foot path and the park staff did a great job building a bunch of foot bridges to make the walk interesting. It eventually hooks up with the many miles of wonderfully produced and maintained bike trails within the Park.

To discover more of the hiking and biking trails within Schoodic Point, go HERE.

Schoodic Trail



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