This past Wednesday night in downtown Bangor, we can only assume that this guy wasn't all that impressed with what was listed on the sandwich board outside of Nocturnem Draft Haus.

According to the Bangor Daily News, 35 year-old Deng Rag, who of course doesn't have a fixed address, picked the sidewalk sign up from outside of the popular bar and eatery, and then proceeded to throw it at the business' decorative front window.

Now it must have been a hoot for anyone who witnessed the action, as the sandwich sign changed direction immediately after hitting the tempered glass and proceeded to come back at Rag, nailing him directly in the head and sending him to the concrete in a drunken mess..

The bartender inside thought that a car had hit the side of the building.

The Bangor Fire Department shoveled up Rag from the ground and took him to the hospital for treatment.  While there Bangor cops summons him for criminal mischief.

No word yet as to what kind of particular sandwich Rag had a hunger for.

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