It's time to put on your thinking caps and your walking shoes, Bangor! Get ready to spend some quality time together as you spend your dollars locally!

In an effort to promote both love for one another & love for shopping local, the folks from the Downtown Bangor Partnership have come up with a fun Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt.

It's a pretty simple concept: Create a charming necklace from beads you collect by visiting 12 downtown businesses. Then take that necklace to either Bagel Central or Fork and Spoon and get a sweet treat--in this case a cookie!

The challenge comes from deciphering the clues found on the website to figure out which Bangor businesses to beat feet to, to collect the next bead from their jar!

Folks have from now until Valentines Day (February 14th) to take part in the holiday hunt.

What I like about events like this, aside from the idea of promoting local businesses, is that this is something that you could do as and your "Hunny" take a romantic romp 'round town. But it's also something cute to do with your crew of kiddos, should you want something a little more family friendly. It works both ways, which is nice.

The Downtown Bangor Valentine's Day Scavenger is free, except if you want to buy a clasp for your necklace (at a whopping 50 cents.) But should you want to peruse the shelves and racks of these local businesses, I'm sure they'd be pleased to have your patronage.

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