For this morning's show, we were wondering.... Given that you could choose one or the other, would you rather have your dream car or your dream house?

JStew: This is surprisingly easy for me. I would definitely go for my dream house. Cars are cool and all, but I am hardly a car guy. I'm much more of a function over form person when it comes to what I drive. Sure, I'd rather not drive a soccer-parent special like I do. Don't get me wrong, my Honda CRV will smoke you at a traffic light (no it won't). And it goes everywhere off-road (no it doesn't). And it can haul a crap load of drums (that it actually can do, which is why I have it). If for some reason, I ever have that kind of disposable income, I might get a cooler car. But for now, my little Honda will do the trick.

Cori: Given the choice, only because I make all my life decisions based on what's in the best interest of my kids, I'd choose the house--because we can't all live in a car. (Although I guess if it was some sort of converted bus, perhaps you could.) I'd pick the dream house because we're kind of homebodies. I kind of already live in my dream house--it just needs some work to become it's best. Where I live, we can pretty much walk or bike to wherever I need. So I don't necessarily need wheels. But I need a roof!

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Your answers were pretty clear, in that an easy majority has been established. Let's have a look at your answers...

Stacey Honey Thompson Dream House! Cars wear out!

Victoria Nickerson Dream house. I spend a lot more time at home than in the car.

James Naaykens Jr Cabin because other people wouldn't be around. Little Cabin off in the woods with 50 acres.

Shawnna Farley Dream house. They last a lot longer than cars!

Nancy Neu I want a small farm so I can grow food and give it away

Paul Keezer Log cabin overlooking a lake....I would never need to drive....

Bob Hatch I'd take the dream house.

Dennis Bean I am sooo blessed to have been able to build my dream home! As a little kid i always dreamed of living in a log home.

Paul I'd take the best of both and get a big giant motor home.

Kari Jo Davis Dream house, it's gonna appreciate, not depreciate.

Estin Harriman Dream house since I do not have a dream car


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