Hey, no hash browns for you!  Well, at least for a few weeks.

One of the more popular restaurants in Ellsworth will be closing the doors for almost three weeks beginning tomorrow, as the owners go on a "long overdue vacation" according to a recent Facebook post. Sylvia's Cafe in the Mill Mall will close tomorrow, Friday, April 16th, and then not reopen again until Thursday, May 6th.

Sylvia's Cafe is well-known for their fabulous breakfasts and lunch specials, and has built up a well deserved legion of regulars over the years. Normally the place is quite busy as diners enjoy the omelettes and burgers in this true hometown cafe with their families, friends and co-workers.  People in a rush during the workday can be seen scurrying in and out while picking up their takeout lunch in the middle of the day.

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One thing we've noticed over the past year or so is that owners of frequented businesses are not afraid to close up shop and take off on vacation for a few weeks. Dragonfire, a very popular pizza joint just a few steps down from Sylvia's Cafe in the Mill Mall also did the same earlier this year.

We hope the owners and staff of Sylvia's Cafe enjoy a well deserved vacation and break from all things "rushed and hurried", and we can't wait to come back again soon to belly up to a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and of course, home fries.

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