Worry not Big Mac lovers.  Ronald McDonald ain't packing his bags today.

With big machinery and dumpsters taking up the parking lot of the Ellsworth McDonald's this week, numerous folks across the land of Facebook feared the worst, that the makers of Egg McMuffins and America's favorite fries were packing up shop and leaving town.

Who could blame the speculators? After both Burger King and Denny's on High Street locked their doors for good earlier this year and kissed the crossroads goodbye.  Yeah, those loses were hard to take, as hungry Downeasters were suddenly destined to face a future without Whoopers and Grand Slams.

But the infamous golden arches will light up again!

Yes, dreams really do come true fast food-lovers. Since January 30th, both out-of-state and in-state contractors have been gutting out the entire restaurant, and will continue to replace everything from the furniture in the dining room to the way food is ordered.  In the near future, be prepared for fancy new ordering kiosks and a spiffy new looking Ellsworth McDonald's restaurant.  Worry not about job loss, as other McDonald's across Maine have installed kiosks for ordering without letting anyone go.

After being closed up tight for five days now, the signs on the marquee out front and on the doors to the restaurant itself inform the famished that the drive-thru will reopen Friday, February 5th.  You may not be able to come inside just yet, but with the nasty COVID-19 pandemic continuing on, drive-thrus are all the rage anyway.

So overall, it's nice to know that our local McDonald's is not going anywhere and will stay in the very same Ellsworth location as it has  since the late 1970s, when your grandma used to work there dishing out .25 cent hamburgers.

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