The bus will still line-up between buses #2 and #4, but will now be bus #31.

Earl Gilley III, passed away back in early December, and according to his obituary in the Bangor Daily News, he had worked for the Ellsworth School Department for 43 years as both a mechanic and a driver.

43 years, that's a lot of kids passing through the doors of that bus and a whole lot of memories for many people.

As a fitting tribute, bus #3 will be retired. Bus #3 in the Ellsworth school system has had a 1 added to the end, and is now bus #31, according to the document pictured below that was sent to the Growing Up In Ellsworth Facebook page by Roger Gilley, Earl's son.

Earl Gilley was 66 when he died in his sleep on Bald Mountain in Dedham, and because of this wonderful gesture, his memory will continue on for many years to come.

Growing Up In Ellsworth Facebook page photo
Growing Up In Ellsworth Facebook page photo

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