No dog poop, please.

The City of Bangor will begin the collection of leaves from Bangor area properties this coming Monday, October 28th.

Property owners or renters are encouraged to rake the leaves on their land to the side of the road, where then City crews will vacuum them into a truck and cart them off.

Bangor folks are so fortunate to have this city service.

Bangor Public Works asks that you do not include branches, rocks, yard waste or other debris in with the leaves, because that may either plug the vacuum or even break it.  Debris may even injure a City employee.

A common courtesy would be to exclude the dog poop as well.

Don't worry if you don't have your leaves raked by this Monday, as  crews will be making several passes through the City until all leaves have been sucked up and driven away.

Remember, you can always haul the leaves off yourself, to the Bangor Public Works compound at 530 Maine Avenue during the day.


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