In honor of today being something akin to National Cheech & Chong Day, it's April 20th, and we decided on this lovely 4/20, we wanted to know what your favorite go-to snacks and munchies were...

JStew: It's been a minute since the old days, and even without the extra "assistance", I still have my go-to munchies. For me, since these decisions are often made late night at a convenience store, after a gig. It's always either gas station pizza, or Cool Ranch Doritos. Or sometimes I'll go for the Little Debbie, or as I like to call it, Little Diabeetus, the Cosmic Brownie. It's super fudgy and dense, and is the perfect snack at 3am when it's time to drive home after a gig. Oh, and let's not forget... That's also the only time I will willingly drink Mountain Dew. Any other time and it's just too sweet. But at that hour, I'll take it all I can chug!

Cori: Sweet and salty are always my go-to. Candy and anything baked, if I'm feeling in a sweets kind of mood--which is usually how I feel. Lately it's been Twizzlers and caramels. But I've been known to polish off a bag of salt-water taffy, too. So there's that. If I'm feeling salty, then straight up plain potato chips...on occasion I don't mind dip. But I'm usually a simple-snacker....unless there's an option for cheese, and then I will always say yes to extra cheese.

Your answers were enlightening. And of course, now everyone's hungry after reading this.... Let's look at your top choices.

Shawnna Farley Mmmmm microwave popcorn
Kristi Dinsmore Buffalo Chicken dip with Scoops
Kelly Mahar Ice cream and anything chocolate
Bobbie Lindsey Cereal
Greg Miller I always have pop tarts on hand
Danielle Willey I eat all the food when I have the munchies.
Mary Klein Drouin Twizzlers, Caramel rice cakes, Candy......
Diane Perdue Hartford Doritos!
Kari Jo Davis I'm a chip hound, I have to say you haven't lived until you've had frito lay French onion dip, and lays salt n' vinegar chips.
Lynn Fuller Arby’s gyros....especially after a trip to the doctor who has ordered bloodwork
Dennis Bean I can totally destroy a box of Cheez~its.... "The ORIGINALS"...Nothing added..not baked...super sized..down sized... O..R..I..G..I..N..A..L
Gene Hatch The wife likes puffy cheese curls and I like salt n vinegar chips
Sandra Lyn M&Ms are my go to when my "munchies" kick in. Mmmm...
Richard Pooler I eat everything in sight.

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