JStew: Really, it started as an off the cuff statement I made this morning. My grandfather used to say 'drier than a popcorn fart' and I always thought it to be hilarious. So I asked folks for the sayings they grew up hearing around their house when they were kids.

We've all heard them. And you lit up our phone lines this morning. so in addition to the multitude of comments below, I added the audio from a bunch of the calls we aired this morning. So enjoy Maine's finest isms.

Cori: One of my favorite old sayings is "Dumber than a box of hair"--mostly because it's so true! I'm not sure what the purpose of a box of hair would be...aside from upping your creep factor to immeasurable heights! I'm also guilty of/a fan of saying things like "Right out straight" and "She's kinda rugged". But I'm always looking to bring back great sayings and add them to the mix.

We asked you what your favorite "Olde-Timey Mainer-ism" was and you answered with some outstanding offerings!

Greg Jones Since Moses wore knee pants.

Hyram Falls Ain't you cunnin!

Nathan Orr About as sharp as a marble

Brian Bent Colder than a whore’s heart ❤️.

Brett McGuire Hot enough to breed sheep!

Sean Jones Colder than my ex wife’s heart.

Mike Avery Jr. Busy as a one-armed paper hanger

Dennis Bean bout as useless as a screen door on a submarine, fella's so rough on stuff...he could break an anvil, whata chowdah head, wicked decent

Allyson Seel-Sorenson "Number than a pounded thumb"

Leah Elizabeth Simonds Hahd sayin' not knowin'

Justin Choiniere Busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest

Heidi Farquhar Have a good one!

Sean Jones Can’t dance if the fish ain’t running.

Roland G. Gervais All stove up

Jennifer Small Hit’em with a wet haddock! A Downeast original from my Dad who was from East Machias. 😂 Another one....”number than a hake”.

Will Nunn Sweatin like a whore in church

Dorian Daniels My Aunt use to say a person was odd as two sticks.

Holly Coston “Ayuh!” Of course 🙂

Keri Whitney My grandmother used to say “don’t pick up any wooden nickels!” when I’d leave the house.

Lisha Wyman My Gram loved to say “hard tellin’, not knowin’!” Which, as I found out later, was a catchall response for when her grandkids were rambling on about nothing 😂

Kelley MacDonald Drier than a burnt boot

Kevin Forrest Tougher than a bag of hammers, Hair across their a$$

Lisa Mishou Useless as a pisshole in the snow

Carman Lizotte that’ll float like a fart in a church P-ew.

Joe Holton Yessuh

Becky Sutherland You need to go outside and blow the stink off

Melissa Avery Burns Wicked ____. "Is wicked hot, bub." "That's wicked cool." "Wicked delicious pie."

Sandra Lyn It's hot enough in here to breed sheep. I've got another one having to do with heat that my kid brother shared with me many moons ago...I dunno if it's appropriate though. Ummmm...okay It's hot enough in here to to knock up a nun???Sorry about that one LOL

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