We never did anything this fun when I went to Hampden Academy.

We really didn't. We used to do things like sell Mr. Z's Cheese, or Tom Watt junk, or even those weird little candles in a bag at Christmas time. It was the kind of stuff that made me feel like a salesman at times, which I am terrible at. Even when I worked in a drum shop once, I still couldn't sell a darned thing.

But these days, parents of students that are part of the Hampden Academy Music Association will be flocking yards instead. That sounds way more fun. Basically, for a minimum donation, they will go to someone's house and place a flamboyance of fake flamingoes in their front yard. Yup. You get flamingo'd for charity.

It's all for a super good cause, though.

All the time, schools are trying to find ways to innovate and keep the kids moving forward in various programs. A lot of times, those things cost money. Like a school band trip, or maybe new uniforms, or whatnot. The folks that are out flocking people are doing it just for these reasons... To help raise funds to defray some of the costs of various activities, according to the HA Music Association website.

Now, what if you don't want your lawn flocked? You can actually avoid flocking by donating $30, and that will buy you "flocking insurance". That way, you won't have to deal. But they only leave the flamingoes on a property for a couple of days, and then they're gone. Of course, the whole thing is all in good fun.

If you live near, but not in Hampden, you're not necessarily safe either.

Flocks can also be found popping up in Newburgh, Winterport, Frankfort, Bangor, Brewer, and Hermon. So don't think you can just rest easy with no fear of flamingoes. Or, you can just get the flocking insurance and call it good.

I feel like I could make F-word jokes all day here, but that's not the point. They're just trying to raise some money the good old-fashioned way... By doing something fun and creative that will stick out and be a great memory. You can flock someone, or insure yourself right here... Have fun!


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