I don't know about you but I love to travel and for some destinations flying is a must.  One of the things that makes me flinch a bit though is feeling that along with the flight I got 'taken for a ride' if you know what I mean enter the researchers at  Cheap Air.

This the site did analysis on hundreds of thousands of summer airfares and have come up with some pretty interesting takeaways. So if you are use to getting the screws put to your summer vacation plans there is good news in this research and bargains to be had, you ready?

While June is overall the best value month, one date stood out from the rest as the cheapest - Tuesday, June 6. But experts cautioned against flying in July as it's the most expensive month, with fares peaks on 9 July.

Their insight as to when to travel:


  • Most expensive month: December
  • Least expensive months: May and November
  • Cheapest summer month: June
  • Most expensive summer month: July
  • Cheapest June day:  Tuesday 6th
  • Cheapest July day:  Tuesday 4th
  • Cheapest August day:  Tuesday 22nd
  • Cheapest September day: Tuesday 12th

Sounds good? Well then get planning.  You work hard and you need to take care of the one thing that will be with you for the rest of your life...YOU!

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