Warning the pre conversation with Dave is NSFW.  That said, talk about watch a kid living out a dream.  His name is Pierce Tracy Edge, he is a student at USC and he looks to be about 19.  Last night the Foo Fighters, out on their concrete and Gold tour played the  Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina. During the show in the crowd Pierce held up a sign asking to play drums with the band doing Queen's Under Pressure.  Eventually Dave gives in, citing that Pierce held up the sign all F***ing night. Dave also  tells the kid not to s**t the bed in his home town. Too funny.  Anyway the kid kills it, in my opinion better than the band sang it but in their defense it was impromptu.

In the end all the Foo Fighters were great sports although Dave ends with now get the f**k off my stage.  Classic.


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