Downtown Bangor could soon be home to more mobile munchies.

The Business and Economic Development Committee is looking in to allowing food trucks in Pickering Square. The idea was brought to the committee by food vender looking to set up a year round food truck in the area. Food sales have been allowed in the square in the past, but mostly for special events.

The draft concept will be similar to polices set for two food trucks that set up shop on the Bangor Waterfront. Pompeii Pizza and Wild Cow Creamery both call the Bangor Waterfront home. They both follow rules set by the city including clearing out of the area for events, leaving the site each night and operating within certain hours of the day.

The K Mart parking lot is home to another Bangor food truck, Cielos Mexican Grill. Bangor regulates how many vendors can set up shop in a particular area.

Once a draft of the food truck polices is compleate, The Business and Economic Development Committee will review them and vote whether to move forward.

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