The infamous ice disk of 2019 sparked our interest, and now we find ourselves pulling for the ice disc of 2020!

The cold, freezing waters  of the Presumpscot River are spinning, and an ice disc is trying it's best once again to form in the city of Westbrook, in southern Maine.

Thanks to Brown University and their webcam, so that we can keep an eye on it.

We can only hope that this year's disc gets as big or even better, bigger, than last year's natural sensation. Why?  Because we observe in wonderment the excitement that it causes, and it breaks up the monotony of another long and drawn out January across the frozen tundra of Maine!

Is it really an oddity of nature, or, is it a signal from another world far, far away?  A signal that a supreme being of some sort has it's eyes on us, guiding one and all to a destination of salvation and spiritual utopia.

Or, is it just another frozen riverboat of sorts for ducks to make a mess on?

Whatever it may be, we hope that one eventually forms in your neck of the woods.  A giant spinning ice disk that may make you think of things that you normally wouldn't think of. A spinning circular mass of frozen water that may amuse you, and give you hope that there is more to this life than a paycheck and this coming weekend.

Praise the Lord and pass the s'mores Maine, we almost have an ice disc!

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