A Maine rocket company was featured in a new series by Forbes about fighting climate change.

In January 2021, bluShift Aerospace launched a first in rocketry - a biofuel-powered rocket. Stardust 1.0 was the first rocket in the world to be launched using bio-derived fuel, and Maine's first commercial rocket launch. The rocket launched from Loring Commerce Centre, in Limestone. The successful launch grabbed the attention of many publications, including Forbes.

In a new episode of the web series, "Business of Climate Change," Forbes looks into the growing space industry. Particularly, the episode explores how the increase in rocket launches over the years is increasing pollution in the atmosphere. Most rockets burn fossil fuels like kerosene or methane, but not bluShift's.

Founder of bluShift Aerospace, Sascha Deri, explains how his company is making the launching of rockets in the satellite industry greener. By using bio-derived fuel, the company can launch a satellite into orbit almost entirely carbon neutral. Deri says the company is about a year away from launching a commercial payload into space.

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bluShift Aerospace has been recently looking into a new launch site in the Downeast area. According to Maine Biz, the company's plan to build a launch site in Jonesport was stalled due to concerns. Town residents voted to put a six-month moratorium on the aerospace projects, as they consider ordinances on rocket launches. The primary concern from citizens is how the launches could affect lobster fishing in the area.

bluShift Aerospace is continuing to look for potential coastal Maine launch sites.

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