Living in the country kind of spoils me...

On my property, out in the woodsy part of Hampden, we have a well. I admit it was one of those parts of country living that intimidated me at first. In all my life, I'd never had a septic system or a well. But I tell you, there's no water on Earth that compares with what comes out of my faucet. Clear as a bell, and colder than a witch's you-know-what.

But tomorrow down in Rockland, they're going to settle the debate of where in Maine has the best tasting water, according to The Village Soup. As of 2020, Brewer holds the top spot for Maine's finest water. I gotta say, working in Brewer, I drink a LOT of tap water, and it truly is great city water.

What kind of criteria is the water judged on?

Well, obviously, taste is the issue here. But there are two categories. The first one is water with a disinfectant, in other words, city tap water. The other category is water with no disinfectant. I'm guessing that means groundwater, like wells. If I had the time, I would literally go enter the water from my well. It's like drinking heaven in a glass.

I tell you, there's no water on Earth that compares with what comes out of my faucet. Clear as a bell, and colder than a witch's you-know-what.

When the competition gets going tomorrow, there will be a panel of "celebrity" judges. It will have Amy Lachance, the director of the Maine Drinking Water Program. As well as Rhiannon Hampson, a district representative, and congressional Rep. Chellie Pingree, and the panel will round out with Elsa McGary, vice president, Machias Savings Bank.

Whoever the winner is tomorrow, that water goes onto the National Taste Test in Washington, DC next February. I am passively curious how Brewer stood up against the national competition last year... But either way, when the day ends tomorrow, we'll know what town has the finest water in the state. Who will it be??????

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