Fishing off the coast of New England has absolutely nothing to do with baseball, but this man truly believes it's a big league way to make a living!

Back in 2017, the Boston Red Sox sent their skipper packing.  Now, according to a story in the Boston Globe, former Red Sox manager John Farrell is a  hard-working lobster fisherman!

Now this really isn't too odd to us, because back in 2017 when John Farrell appeared here in Bangor at the Gracie Theater, he told us that his father was a lobster fisherman in New Jersey, and that when it came to baiting and then pulling traps, Farrell knew what he was doing.

The Globe articles says that John Farrell is now the skipper of the Seaweed, a 46-foot lobster boat that he pilots off the coast of Massachusetts.

“It’s peaceful. It’s a completely different world out on the water”, Farrell told the Globe.

Farrell also said that during his baseball years he dreamed of being back on the water and fishing for lobster.  We're glad that his dream has become a reality!


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