Screw the Farmer's Almanac, here's what Frankie MacDonald has to say!

We better plan on spending even more time "out to camp" beside the lake, because Frankie is calling for "really high humidity and heat" because of that "really strong Bermuda high anchored over the Atlantic Ocean!"

With all the winter weather heading into the Bangor area, this is real nice to hear. Yup, better buy an extra set of shorts and another tank top, because there's gonna be "lots of sweatin' in the summer of 2017!"

Frankie says to prepare for a lot of thunderstorms and for "hurricane risks."  Better prepare the bunker for an extended stay.

He recommends that we drink lots of water "because it's going to be so hot!"  Now here's something that I totally agree with - Frankie says "to head for the beach to go swimming to get cooled off!"  Hey man, we're there!

"There'll be one heatwave after another headed across North America! That's gonna increase the risk of heatstroke.  SO, HAVE THOSE AIR CONDITIONERS AND FANS READY!"

We will Frankie, and thanks for the heads up!


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