The Lost Kitchen, a very popular high end eatery in Freedom, Maine, got a little more exposure this past weekend when CBS News ran a feature.

The one room restaurant with just forty seats located in an old hydro-powered mill on the side of Sandy Stream begins taking yearly reservations on April 1st, and within two hours all seats for the year have been taken.  There is one sitting every night, and servings/dinners usually last anywhere from three to four hours.

The Lost Kitchen is owned by Erin French who grew up in the area, and has quite a story. Listen as she tells about addiction, the influence that others and her family had on her, and how she feels that people just want to be loved and cared for.

In earlier years, French worked for her dad at a diner which is now the Ridge Top Restaurant in Knox. After the diner was sold he at one point asked her why she just didn't stick to selling clam rolls like he did.  She explained that her dad didn't understand why she was trying to do it her way.  She said the he never understood her mission, but with The Lost Kitchen becoming so very popular, that she "thinks that he's getting it now."

The restaurant was also recently featured in The Boston Globe.



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