With a recent string of warmer days, it's been easy to get lost in thoughts of all the fun things that are in store for everyone this summer in Maine. From beaches to backyard gatherings, happy hours to amusement parks, people are staring to get excited for life to feel "normal" again in 2021. Unfortunately, some of that normalcy may have to be put on hold as seasonal resorts, restaurants and amusement parks have all been running into the same substantial problem, staffing. And the problem has gotten so troublesome, Funtown/Splashtown USA in Saco has decided to make some serious changes to their summer schedule by closing Monday and Tuesday each week to preserve the safety of the park and the energy of their existing staff.

Shared on Facebook by Funtown/Splashtown USA, the park has been exhausting all angles in hopes of having a fully-staffed park in 2021. But with a fiercely competitive job market, Funtown/Splashtown did not get the response to their job fairs and job advertisements that they expected. Pair that with a lack of exchange student workers because of lingering pandemic travel restrictions, and Funtown/Splashtown has made the difficult decision to close the park two days per week during the 2021 season.

Facebook via Funtown Splashtown USA
Facebook via Funtown Splashtown USA

But it wasn't all bad news on Tuesday. Funtown/Splashtown also announced that they are lifting the mask mandate to enter the park. At this time, masks will still be required for indoor spaces, like arcades or to ride the legendary Astrosphere. With social distancing measures being relaxed, their reservation policy is also going to become a thing of the past.

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