Although Tom Petty's career has spanned the globe in influence and enjoyment to countless millions of fans his hometown of Gainesville was especially touched by his life and loss.This is why they have decided to turn to his fans to find the best way for him to be remembered.

  Through a site called survey monkey they have set up  options they feel would best get the job done.  In the survey they ask Tom's fans to choose 3 options in descending order. The options are:

  • Renaming a city street
  • Renaming a city park or facility
  • Adding a statue to a city park or facility
  • Hosting an annual concert or music festival
  • Proclaiming his birthday, Oct. 20, as Tom Petty Day
  • Dedicating the month of October to his musical legacy and celebrating the local music culture.

The survey is open until April 16th.

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