I'm juuuuust old enough to remember the gas shortages and rationing of the 70's. Or at least old enough to remember family talking about it. Back then of course, people waited in line for hours for gas, there was a limit to how much you could buy, etc. And it's not as long ago as people would like to think.

Right now, in the south, people are panic-buying gas at an alarming rate. I've seen photos circulating of people filling everything from 55 gallon drums, to 500 gallon rain barrels, to plastic storage bins. It was probably fake, but of there was a photo of one woman putting gas in doubled up Walmart bags.

But what about us up here in the Pine Tree State? Well, luckily for us, our supply looks stable. We don't get our gas form the Colonial Pipeline like they do in the south. The Colonial Pipeline is the one you've been hearing about on the news that was hacked into and flow disrupted.

Up here in Maine, according to the BDN, we get our gas from Canada and Europe. And since that supply wasn't affected by recent events, it's likely our supply is good to go. However..... that doens't mean the prices will stay good to go. I imagine there will be some pretty serious price increases, whether our supply is safe or not.

We'll see if it can stop the prices we suffered through about 8-10 years ago, when prices soared well beyond $4.00 a gallon here in Maine. I've heard stories that out in California, they're already paying close to $10 a gallon for premium. Not that many of us Mainers buy premium. Just the car snobs! Hahahaha

Sometimes it's good to be all the way up here in the great white north. And while it's certainly a bummer prices are going up, try to remember it's the result of a robust economy. It's actually a solid indicator that things aren't too bad. Granted a large subset of the population will refuse to believe that, but oh well!

All that really matters, is that we'll still be able to go down the road and fill up without too much hassle. But I tell you, if we hit the point where I see someone pouring gas into Walmart bags, it's gonna be about that time that I just start finding a way to work from home til it's over. Until then....

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