Pray for a clear night!

Hey, if you missed this past Sunday night's Supermoon, worry not, Mother Nature has a spectacular show planned for next week!

The now 200 hundred year-old Geminid Meteor Shower will occur Wednesday night, December 13th, and last well into the early morning hours of Thursday, December 14th!

Approximately 120 small meteors per hour will be unleashed from the asteroid 3200 Phaethon, a rock about three miles in diameter that circles the sun.  Now that's a whole lotta shooting stars!

Planet Earth, the rock that you live on, will cruise right into the middle of this giant meteor shower!  It will be ever so cool.

How best to enjoy the view?  Find yourself a spot that's not polluted by man-made light, lay down a blanket and look up, give your eyes a chance to adjust to the night sky, and then enjoy the view!

We expect to see videos of this event as we cruise Facebook that Thursday morning!  Happy viewing!


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