By pink lawn flamingoes that is!

True story... I used to go to Hampden Academy. Class of 1992, in fact. Every year in high school we went on band trips. Often with the chorus, depending on where we were going and why. But we went all over New England when I was there, doing performances of all kinds. We all used to love those trips.

What teen doesn't love hanging out in a hotel with their friends, a long way from home? There was always plenty of supervision, and lets' face it.... we were band nerds? How much trouble could we get in? Not that we didn't get in some B-grade trouble. We often got pretty loud, and occasionally had to be quieted down, but we had a blast. And very little sleep, hahaha.

Obviously, this year and last year, there were no band trips to be had. In fact, a lot of schools, Hampden included, didn't even really have band. Covid obviously wrecked everything for a lot of people. But to be proactive, the Hampden Academy Music Association, has a few tricks up their sleeve.

One such trick has already begun. They're flocking people's lawns! Hahaha. For a $20 donation, you can have flamingoes placed on someone's lawn. After two days, they're removed and put on someone else's lawn. And if you don't want them on your lawn at all, you can buy "insurance" against being flocked for $30.

Yup, for $10 more, you can prevent it from happening. I'm not sure which is better. Obviously, one would want to contribute as much as possible, yet one doesn't want to be a bad sport. Tough call. Personally, I hope my lawn gets flocked. And, I'll still donate to the cause anyway, because I believe in it so strongly.

They're raising money to go on awesome trip to Universal Studios in Florida, to perform and take some extra music classes. H.A. will be sending their jazz band and show choir down, and it's not a trip they can make very often. It's certainly expensive, and takes a lot of preparation.

This chance to go to Florida is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for these students. This program is only available to them every four years, and no one would want to miss out on it, according to WABI - TV5. And since they've had limited interaction as it is, this is so important. Music education is an absolute must.

If you want to flock anyone in the Bangor, Brewer, Hampden, Newburgh, Winterport, or Hermon, you can go to this website and make your donation. So now, if you're driving around any of these towns and see pink flamingoes on someone's lawn, it very well may be for an amazing cause.

I hope I get flocked this summer......

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