St. Patty's Day Is just around the corner, and the I-95 Morning Show wants you to  "GET LUCKY AT WORK!"

Just consider JStew & Cori your very own "Lunchtime Leprechauns" this time around.

You spend your mornings with them, why not spend some time at lunch with them, too?

JStew: That's right!.We want to bring some Tom, Dick, or Harriet free lunch, to wherever it is you're working, from our fine friends at Tesoro's in Bangor. If you haven't had any of Tesoro's signature pizza before, you don't know what you're missing, But one lucky winner will. All you have to do to win is enter at or the I-95 app.

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We'll be taking entries until Monday, March 15, and we'll announce the winner on Tuesday, March 16.

Cori: Then on St, Patrick's Day, JStew & I and I will hop in the I-95 rig and head your way with delicious food from Tesoro's. We're talking pizza, pop and sweet treats for up to 10 people. Yum!

And because we had so much fun getting all done up for our Covid-Cupid deliveries last month, you know we're going to take this opportunity to get dressed up again. Maybe we'll even get JStew to break out his kilt.

Lunch delivered to you at work, by your own Classic Rock lovin' Leprechauns. Shy of a big ol' pot of gold, we think that's pretty lucky.

So enter now at or the I-95 app, and cross your fingers that you'll be able to Get Lucky At Work with I-95.

This contest is closed.

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