Chris Sanders from Seek It - Supernatural Investigators (formerly Its Haunted) claims he caught a ghost on his iPhone!

This pic was taken at the Sanford mill in Maine. They were doing a public investigation, and said that this is considered a Class A apparition, which means it's an actual sighting.

Not just sound or something caught as an image on a ghost detector, but you see it with your own eyes!

Chris Sanders / Seek It
Chris Sanders / Seek It

Do you see it?

There is a disturbing story of a girl murdered at the mill when she was walking to school. It's a disturbing and Chris said they don't know if this is her, but there's a good chance it is.

So very sad......(they are not saying this is her but it's a good chance it is)

Seek It says they investigate the paranormal at home,work or even in the woods. They are

...looking for answers of what's really out there!

Happy Halloween!

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