The sights of these will absolutely blow you away.

We've always known that the woods and gardens that run throughout Maine are very both mystical and magical, and now we know for sure, as apparently there are now five giant trolls living in the mid-coastal area.

Specifically the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, and the soon to open exhibit is called "Guardians of the Seeds."

Beginning this June, visitors to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens will be fortunate enough to see five very unique and very big creations - trolls built by Denmark artist Thomas Dambo.  In total, Dambo has created 79 of these trolls that are made of recycled wood, bark, and roots, and they're spread all around the world.

The giant trolls within the 329 acres of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens are there to protect the forests that keep folks alive, something that apparently they think we haven't been doing sufficiently as of late as they have come out of hiding to make themselves known.

Beginning in June, visitors will be able to pick up a map as to where these fantastic creations that are all striking different poses are located throughout the grounds.  While some may be in clear sight, others may take a closer look to find and see.

Thomas Dambo has given names to his $700,000 creations, and came up with a poem to tell us what they are, which he told the Portland Press Herald.

"Birk has roots. Roskva was wide as the trunks.
Gro was like the leaves, breathing life with her lungs.
Søren, like branches, would wave in the wind,
and Lilja, like the flowers, each year would spring."

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens are located at 105 Botanical Gardens Drive in Boothbay, and you must purchase your tickets ahead of time for admission.  You can reserve your time slot, and time slots begin every half hour.  Only 100 people will be admitted every half hour.

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