Gifford's Ice Cream stand officially opens for the season this Friday, May 22.

This is one of the busiest ice cream take-outs in the area. Location, location, location. At 1109 Broadway, Route 15, Gifford's is on one of the busiest roads in Bangor.

Gifford's will be open between noon and 8 p.m. daily, and serving up some new flavors as well this year. Dough Your Job, a play on some of New England Patriots' coach Bill Belichick's favorite saying features vanilla ice cream with caramel shaped footballs, cookie dough and a fudge ripple.

Strawberry Cake Crunch would make anyone's weeknight after a hard day of propping up the boss at work.  It features Gifford's famous vanilla and strawberry ice creams swirled together with white cake crunch.

Of course there's the regular standouts that Gifford's is famous for, like Fly Fishing Fudge, Maine Wild Blueberry and Campfire S'mores.  Gifford's of Skowhegan has been churning out the ice cream here in Maine since the late 1800s, and chances are your grandfather dug his spoon into a bowl or two of it.

There are some new rules for the take-out window since that nasty COVID-19 virus is still out there, but we can abide by them so that we can get that desired sugar fix, which is a small price to pay for what is certainly another sure sign of the upcoming summer months here in Maine.

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