Rocket, a standard poodle, has been on the run in the Bangor area since the middle of July. Rocket's owner was an out-of-state truck driver who suffered a medical emergency on the interstate and crashed the big rig Rocket was traveling in, into a median.

As the driver was being rescued and transported to a Portland hospital to get better, Rocket managed to escape and hide out, quite traumatized.

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Folks hadspotted Rocket along the Hogan Road, Stillwater Avenue, and Mt. Hope Ave in Bangor, but no one was able to catch up to him, until recently.

According to the Maine Lost Dog Recovery Facebook Page, Rocket has been found and is now safe.

"A huge "THANK YOU" to Animal Control Officers Trisha Bruen & Ann Greenlaw. It took a lot of work to secure Rocket. Also a huge "THANK YOU" to the kind folks who called the ACOs with sightings of Rocket in the woods in Orono. This was instrumental in safely trapping Rocket. He needed time and space to calm and settle in one area. This is so important to understand when trying to secure a frightened loose dog."

Bangor Animal Control Officer Trisha Bruen also facilitated the successful rescue of Beaver, the Alaskan Sled Dog who ended up on the run in Bangor this past spring, after getting lost from her handler at the Bangor International Airport. Bruen said Bear hunters spotted Rocket on a game cam at a bear bait station. A trap was set Monday and they caught Rocket on Tuesday. Aside from being a little on the skinny side, Bruen said Rocket was in good health.

Capturing Rocket had been a bit of a challenge, as well-meaning folks often go to the place these animals have been sighted and try to coax them into custody.

Because these animals have experienced trauma, it is best to report the sightings to Animal Control and let them aid the animals into feeling comfortable so they can be safely trapped and returned to their owners.

Rocket was found Tuesday afternoon and will be reunited with his family as soon as possible.

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