Old Man Winter has vacated the area, and the time has come to spruce the place up!  Here's how to get rid of stuff this weekend and Monday.

Public Works WILL pick up your BRUSH. It must be place curbside by 6:30AM this Monday, the 24th.  Place your brush parallel to the curb and away from rubbish containers and low hanging wires.  Don't want to wait until Monday?  Then bring your brush to the Public Works Yard at 530 Maine Avenue any day before dark.

Public Works WILL NOT pick up your leaves this year.  You will have to bring your leaves to the Public Works Yard yourself, any day before dark.

Public Works WILL pick up your METAL this year!  Same rules as above, curbside by Monday the 24th at 6:30AM.  No items containing Freon will be accepted.

Any E-WASTE like computers and TVs can be taken to Electronics End to be recycled.  They're located at 173 Robertson Boulevard in Brewer, and their phone # is 922-2094.  Visit the City of Bangor's site for a list of acceptable items.

BIG ITEMS like furniture and truck loads of demolition debris must be taken to Pine Tree Waste in Hampden.  You will be charged by the pound.  A list of materials that they accept can be found on the City of Bangor's website.  Pine Tree is closed Sunday, but is open this Saturday and Monday.






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