It's never a dull day in the life of law enforcement.

According to Hampden Public Safety's Facebook Page, the Hampden Police Department got a call Wednesday morning about a skunk in distress (which is not how anyone wants to have a skunk for obvious reasons.)

It seems said skunk had somehow managed to get its head stuck in a plastic container and couldn't get it out.

So the cops were called to help because that's what they do.

The post goes on to say that while authorities were ready to spring into action and help keep the confused critter from becoming roadkill, there was some question as to how exactly to help the animal with its plastic predicament.

And then, as angels or superheroes do, out of nowhere there appeared a lady in blue, to save the day:

"Alas, we did not need the game wardens, because we had the very brave and kind-hearted woman in blue medical scrubs. She showed no fear when she walked right up to the skunk, removed the bottle from its cranium, and fled, all without being sprayed. So this post is made with gratitude from the inexperienced skunk handlers at Hampden PD, to the wonderful woman in scrubs. THANK YOU!"

It sounds like the mystery woman disappeared into the morning sunrise just as quickly as she appeared.

skunk in nature during fall

The comment section of this post had others sharing with Hampden Public Safety, that same sentiment of gratitude.

"Nice to see a very smelly situation ended sweetly," said one person.

"If she was wearing scrubs she is used to taking care of scary situations," said another.

Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

Well done, Lady in the blue scrubs, whoever you may be. Our hats are off to you.

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