While we were waiting in line this morning outside the front door of Hannaford in Ellsworth this morning, we read the help wanted sign on the door and thought to ourselves that it probably is a pretty good place to work.

Yes, we were there doing that social distancing thing this morning at 7, on our way in to shop during the specific hour that Hannaford now reserves for old people like us and the immune deficient.

We have talked with the manager in the past, and a lot of those that work with him, and everyone seems pretty nice and mature there, always friendly and hustling to get the job done.  Also, as you know by now, those in the grocery store business are now essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Later this morning, after returning home a putting away the newly purchased Cheez Whiz and fish sticks, we checked the email and found a Hannaford official press release - they're looking to hire about 2,000 new associates at their stores throughout New England and New York.

The new employees eventually hired would help out with the "increased demand related to the global health pandemic, as well as providing additional capacity for Hannaford To Go curbside pickup service", according to the release.  They're looking for full and part-time employees, and also those to fill temporary positions "with an emphasis on front end, grocery stockers and Hannaford To Go."  If you're interested, then go here: Hannaford.com/Careers.  Hannaford is based right here in Maine, in Scarborough.

Can't believe we forgot the Spam.

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