Man, that is one good looking beaver.

It's National Beaver Day, a day we celebrate those furry gnawing tree eaters that flood our roads and dry up the pond that our camp sits on.  Other than that, they're kind of cute.

We also have to admire the beaver for its way to warn others. When a beaver is frightened, it will slap its tail on the water before diving under.  Across a quiet pond, this sound seems like it will go on forever.  You'll also then hear beavers all across the pond join in and do the same thing.

We hear that the beaver is the national animal of Canada, but they don't play hockey very well, where you'd think that they could with that tail and all.

As we're very well aware, beavers will munch on trees located on a river or other body of water's edge.  They will eat the tasty parts of the trees, like the buds and certain types of bark, and they'll also use the majority of what they fell for their nests.

Beavers eat vegetation, and not fish, much to the disbelief of others.

So whether you think that these munching Maine creatures are cute, or, maybe just a hindrance, a Happy Beaver Day to all!





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