Happy May Day! When I was a kid back in the 60's May Day was big deal in Bangor and May baskets were part of the fun.

We'd make May Baskets with my Mom and then we'd deliver them to the kid's in the neighborhood who were our friends.  Tradition at that time was if a girl gave one to a boy it was then his job to chase her down and give her a kiss.  As little kids it was more about the candy in the basket than the kissing thing but it was fun all the same.

In addition to May baskets for May Day Bangor use to hold a May Pole Festival at the Bangor Auditorium each year where local children would dance around the May pole weaving in and out with brightly colored ribbons.  This dance would braid the May pole. It was great fun to watch and do if you were lucky enough to be picked to participate.


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