While you're thinking about doing some Spring cleaning around your home and yard, don't forget to consider sprucing up your house number. Not only will it add to the curb appeal of your house, but it might just save you precious moments in an emergency.

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According to a recent post by the Milford Fire and Rescue Departments, many Maine home numbers are either too small, have been damaged during the winter, or just plain can't be seen from the road.

In the country, an updated version of a country farm house is photographed.

"Emergencies take place at all hours of the day and night resulting in our crews to respond in all weather conditions. In many situations, we have found it increasingly difficult to locate house numbers, not only during storms, or at night, but many times in broad daylight!"


They recommend walking to the road in front of your home and checking for yourself. Can you see the numbers clearly? If you can't, you may want to do something about that.

"So we are asking that as you are enjoying the warmer weather, getting that yard work done, to look at the 911 address that should be clearly displayed either on your home or on the mailbox out front."
According to the International Association Of Home Inspectors, some municipalities and jurisdictions can actually take action against a home owner whose number can't be seen from the road.
"House numbers should be clear enough so that police, the fire department, paramedics, etc., can quickly locate properties in an emergency. House numbers are often the only way that first-responders can identify their intended destinations...A number of jurisdictions have begun enforcing laws through strict fines for homeowners who do not comply with laws that impose requirements for house numbers. "
You can find large, reflective house numbers are pretty much any hardware store on on sale online.

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