Since this whole thing began a few months back, you can't watch TV or hear the radio, without hearing commercials, or news casts that contain certain phrases that make my skin crawl. A year ago, a lot of these words may not have bothered me at all, but now when I hear them I want to run outside and set fire to my car.

So let's review 5 phrases that could make me want to stop being your friend if you said them too many times in front of me.

"Unprecedented Times" This one might be the number one offender. It's the buzz-phrase no one can seem to get away from. On one hand, it seems to try and sugar coat what's happening, yet also imply some seriousness. But at this point it's been so overused, it should just end up in a word graveyard somewhere, buried under a stack of thesauruses.

"Uncertain Times" This is a close second for me. This seems to be the harsher, much less nice cousin of the phrase above. This is like your distant cousin that would come to visit every summer, and act real nice the first day, and then beat the crap out of you for the rest of the summer when no one was looking. Jerk.

"Quarantine" Now, when I was a kid, the word quarantine was something out of a sci-fi movie that meant the fit was about to hit the shan. You heard the Q-word, and you knew it was on. Some scientist was about to open a can of vaccinated whoop-ass. It seems that now it's just a word that means stay home, eat chips, and drink beer. Where's the whoop-ass in that?!

"Distancing" I've already heard some people trying to change this phrase around to include the word physical instead of social. But you can't fool this guy. I see whatcha did there. You can just switch one word, and get a new lease on a tired phrase. That's not creative, that's lazy. But I bet some copy writer got a raise for that.

"New Normal" This one drives me nuts all day. Why are we in the new normal? This implies the world will never get back to the way it was. Granted, the world is forever changed because of COVID-19, but we can get our lives back eventually. I fully expect to eat in restaurants again at some point. We'll all be able to get fat in public again, don't worry.

I'm sure this will be an ever-growing list, and I bet there's some phrases that drive you bananas that isn't on this quick list. Maybe you can fill me on in on the ones you just hate. I'd be happy to share. We're all in this together. Maybe if we can't agree on the things we like, we can at least agree on a few things we don't like at all.

From an unprecedented, uncertain, socially distant, quarantine in the new normal.

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